Journal of Environmental Hazards

Open Access

Weeberb Joao Requia

Weeberb Joao Requia

Weeberb Joao Requia
McMaster University, School of Geography and Earth Sciences, Canada


Weeberb Joao Requia has done his B.A. in Environmental Engineering Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil in 2006 and his M.Sc. in Environmental Planning and Management from Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil in2011. He pursued his Phd in Geoscience from Geoscience Institute, University of Brasilia, Brazil; and School of Public Health, Harvard University, United States (as doctoral exchange program). in 2015.Currently he is working as Researcher (Postdoctoral Fellow) in School of Geography and Earth Sciences McMaster University, Canada Involved in the following projects: 1) Socio-environmental costs and benefits of electric mobility in Canada; 2) Metropolitan traffic congestion in Canada; 3) Children`s exposure to criteria air pollution due to drop-off programs at school.

Research Interest

Human exposures to gaseous and particulate air pollutants ,spatial models to assess the relationship between air pollution and human health at local, regional and global scales which involves quantitative methods in GIS, land use models, geostatistical models, and multiple-criteria decision analysis.



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