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Sonia Agata Sofia

Sonia Agata Sofia

Sonia Agata Sofia
Centro Clinico di Psicoterapia Spazio Imago Catania, Italy


I work in Infectious Diseases and in addiction I am specialized in psychotherapy. I took part in a project in Senegal aimed at treatment tuberculosis with the Stob-TB association. Since October 2016 I have been in charge of examining the residents of the Mineo centre run by the International OIM Association before they one relocated. I am involved with the Psychology laboratory run by the Catania LILA Association where I help Italian AIDS patients overcome their trauma. My current post is Specialist Medical Manager for Infectious Diseases at Asp Catania 3, Presidio Ospedaliero "Gravina e Santo Pietro", Caltagirone.

Research Interest

Infectious Diseases and Psychotherapy


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