Journal of Environmental Hazards

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Samy Ponnusamy

Samy Ponnusamy

Samy Ponnusamy
MILLIPORESIGMA University, Department of Bio-polymer, USA


As a founder of Sigma-Aldrich's Green Chemistry team in 2007, developing MilliporeSigma's Corporate Green Chemistry initiatives, managing/expanding new Green Business Opportunities, Greener Alternatives R&D and greener product developments. Developed a unique and state of the art Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator, DOZN system based on the Twelve Green Chemistry Principles. Also have extensive experiences in applying concepts of Polymer/Organic Chemistry and process technology skills for developing new and innovative bio-polymers for drug delivery applications. I have managed product developments to successfully introduce new products that have recorded sustained growth (>$100 million cumulatively). Have extensive knowledge (over 30 years) in managing product developments from bench scale through product launch.

Research Interest

Organic chemistry,Green chemistry,Bio-polymer



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