Journal of Environmental Hazards

Open Access

Renzhi Liu

Renzhi Liu

Renzhi Liu
Associate Professor
Beijing Normal University, School of Environment, China


Dr. Renzhi Liu has received his Ph.D (Environmental Science) from the University of College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University (2011-2015), currently he is working as an Associate professor with School of Environment at Beijing Normal University. His research has been focused on carrying capacity of the environment, environmental risk, environmental planning and management, resulting in many published academic articles in Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Environmental Informatics, Ecological Indicators, Geomorphology and so on. Up to now, he has hosted 2 National Science Funds, Sub-projects of 2 National Key Projects and 1 National “863” Project. Besides, he has hosted or participated in more than 20 consulting projects of environmental impact assessment and environmental planning in provincial or local level and provided a large number of expertise and advisory reports.

Research Interest

Carrying Capacity of the Environment; Environmental Risk at Regional/Watershed/Coastal scale; Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental planning and management



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