Journal of Environmental Hazards

Open Access

Rajib Biswas

Rajib Biswas

Rajib Biswas
Department of Physics
Tezpur University, India


Dr. Rajib Biswas is working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Tezpur University. He has received honary awards for Best paper award in International Geohazards Research Symposium, 2012 held at Teri, Garhwal. He is also the member of IEEE Professional Member,OSA Professional Member,Member, International Geohazards Research Society, Life Member, Indian Society of Earthquake Science.He has published several articles and books in several publications. He also served as an reviewer and Editorial Board member of many journals.

Research Interest

Seismology: Seismic Wave Dynamics, Attenuation, Microzonation, Seissmic Hazard LSPR based sensing, Fiber Optics and Instrumentation, Optical properties of Nanomaterials



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