Journal of Pollution

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Hussein Abdel-Hay Kaoud

Hussein Abdel-Hay Kaoud

Hussein Abdel-Hay Kaoud
Cairo University, Egypt


Dr.Hussein Kaoud was the Chairman of the department of Animal Health and Preventive Medicine at Cairo University. He has given lectures in Molecular Epidemiology, Biological Control of Pathogens and Biotechnology at different universities and has been member for many of National and International Publishing Houses, Reviewer and Editor for many indexed journals. Currently he works as Full Professor of Animal, Poultry, Aquaculture Health and Environmental Pollution, Dept. of Hygiene and Management Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. His research interest is focused on Molecular Biology, Molecular Epidemiology and Advanced Technology of Basic Life Sciences after he had his D.Sc. He has published more than 220 publications. He has Several Patents, one international award (In the field of Aquaculture, USA), 10 Cairo university International Publication awards and the Appreciation Awards in Advanced Technological Sciences, from Cairo University. More than 40 years experience in Medical Veterinary Sciences, supervised examined and discussed many theses: (MVSc, PhD).

Research Interest

Epidemiology, Environmental Pollution, Molecular Biology


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