International Journal of Neurorehabilitation

ISSN: 2376-0281

Open Access

Heinrich Binder

Heinrich Binder

Heinrich Binder
Department of Neurology
Neurological center, Otto Wagner Hospital, Austria


Prof. Dr. Heinrich BINDER was born on December 3, 1974 in Vienna. After studying human medicine, he promoted the Doctor's doctorate at the University of Vienna on June 6, On July 1, 1972, Prof. Binder received a position as an assistant physician at the Neurological University Clinic Vienna, where he completed his training as a specialist for neurology and psychiatry until November 1978. In June 1982 he became a professor of "Coma hepaticum". In September 1988, he was awarded the title of "extraordinary university professor". He has been consistently developing neurological rehabilitation for the station, which he had been conducting since the beginning of the 1980s at the Vienna Neurological University Clinic. During this time, the founding of the Austrian Society for Neurorehabilitation (ÖGNR), of which he is a founding member, and whose permanent member of the Executive Board he has been since. In December 2005 he was elected president of the company. In May 1989, Prof. Binder was appointed to the board of the Neurological Hospital Maria Theresien-Schlössel, which was moved to the Otto Wagner Hospital in 2002 as a neurological center with an officially proven neurorehabilitation focus. Since then, he has been driving the development of neurological rehabilitation there. The emphasis is, on the one hand, on patients with particularly severe neurological / neuropsychological deficits and, on the other hand, invasive rehabilitation methods. Since 1994 Prof. Binder has been head of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Restorative Neurology and Neuromodulation. So far, he has published 146 scientific publications.

Research Interest

Neurology, Neuromodulation, Neurorehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation


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