Journal of Environmental Hazards

Open Access

Divya Pandey

Divya Pandey

Divya Pandey
Stockholm Environment Institute, Environment Building Wentworth Way
University of York, YO10 5NG, UK


Dr. Divya Pandey is a researcher at Stockholm Environment Institute, York center. She Holds M.Sc. and Ph.D., both in Environmental Sciences, and has worked in India, Germany and UK. Her research area focusses on understanding the effects of agriculture (plant-soil system) on environment and how changing environment particularly ozone pollution and climate change affects agricultural processes.

Research Interest

Understanding the interactions and feedbacks between agriculture, climate change and air quality, specifically: i. GHG emissions from agricultural soils ii. Crop productivities under current and future scenarios of climate change, tropospheric Ozone and CO2 levels iii. Ozone deposition and effect modelling on crops iv. Plant’s physiological responses to ozone stress v. Soil carbon pools changes under different environmental stresses Broader research interests include climate smart agriculture, sustainable soil, water and land management, understanding the transformation of agriculture in developing countries, and cultural dimension of agriculture.



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