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Boris Shapiro

Boris Shapiro

Boris Shapiro
Bar-Ilan University


Dr. Boris Shapiro has received his Ph. D in Physics and Mathematics, Kharkov , Institute of Low Temperature Physics. Thesis: Superconductivity in the dislocation systems.Currently, he is working as Professor in Bar-Ilan University.

Research Interest

Majorana states in p-wave superconducting rings
Localized fermion states at Abrikosov vortices in s,p and d-wave superconductors
Vortex-antivortex dynamics in superconductors
Shock waves in vortex matter
Vortex dynamics in system with ordered pinning
Cosmological scenarios in superconductors
Vortex noise and fluctuations
Electric field effect in high temperature superconductors
Structural phase transition in vortex lattices
Dislocations in superconductors.

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