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Environment-Friendly Electrostatic Spraying Technology of Solvent-Based Coatings

Footprints of Airborne Ultrafine Particles on Urban Air Quality and Public Health

Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling of Concrete Structures

Robust Statistical Analysis for MSW Characterization Studies

Separation and Recovery of Nickel and Copper from Multi-Metal Electroplating Sludge by Co-Extracting and Selective Stripping

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Mechanically Ventilated Deep Pit Swine Gestation Operation

Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution Impact of Residential/Commercial Development

Neural Network Models for Traffic Noise Quality Prediction: A Comparative Study

Short Term Lateral Shear Loading of Nailed Spruce-Steel-Spruce Flitch Joints and the Modification of Eurocode 5 Predictions for Design Resistance

Utilization of the Alkaline White Mud as Cement-Based Materials for the Production of Cement

Predict the Service Life of Pavement: Evaluate Moisture Sensitivity and Oxidative Aging of Asphalt

Production of Activated Carbon from Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) Pod Husk

Investigation of Heat Impact Behavior on Exterior Wall Surface of Building Material at Urban City Area

Using AVHRR-Based Vegetation Health Indices For Estimation Of Potato Yield In Bangladesh

Chloride: A Menace to Advance Oxidation Processes (AOPs)

Aerobic Granules Formation in Dual-Layer Percolating Filters

Review on Citrinin: Production, Effect of Some Plant Extracts and Gene Involved in its Biosynthesis

Which Drinking Water Disinfection Process Generates the Least Toxic DBP Mixture: Chlorination, Chloramination, Ozonation, or Chlorine Dioxide Treatment?

Volatile Fatty Acids in Suspended Particulate Matter from a Poultry House Using Rice Hulls as Bedding Materials-A Profile of First Flock after Total Cleanout

Vertical Distribution of NO2 in an Urban Area: Exposure Risk Assessment in Children

How Rapidly should Developing Countries Implement Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to Solve the Growing Urban Traffic Congestion Problem?

Separation of Magnesium Hydroxide and Barium Sulphate from a Barium Sulphate-Magnesium Hydroxide Mixed Sludge by Carbonation: The Effect of Temperature

Typical Odor Mitigation Technologies for Swine Production Facilities - A Review

Indoor Air Quality: Current Status, Missing Links and Future Road Map for India

Gate Review as a Project Management Tool for Optimal Outcome A Hypothetical Case Study

Climate Smart Technological Solutions in Egypt: Hydropower Plant of the New Assiut Barrage Case Study

A Residence Time Distribution Approach to Biodegradation in Fuel Impacted Karst Aquifers

Sustainability and Innovative Construction: Green Building with Concrete

Simulation of Airflow and Wind Pressure Coefficient in a Naturally Ventilated Classroom Model Using Environmental Wind Tunnel and CFD Modelling

Quantitative Determination of Composition of Particle Type by Morphology of Nanoparticles in Diesel Exhaust and Roadside Atmosphere

Sorption Model and Kinetic Assessment of Ultramarine Blue Removal using Modified Cassava Peels Biomass

Approach in Choosing Suitable Technology for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Wind Flow Conditions as an Indicator to Assimilative Capacities of Urban Airsheds towards Atmospheric Pollution Potential

Evaluation of the Street Pollution Model OSPM for Measurements at 12 Streets Stations Using a Newly Developed and Freely Available Evaluation Tool

Applicability of Caline4 model for Nox in Kolkata Roadway

Forecasting the Tropospheric Ozone using Artificial Neural Network Modelling Approach: A Case Study of Megacity Madras, India

Performance Evaluation of Three Vegetative Filter Strip Designs for Controlling Feedlot Runoff Pollution

Deal with Environmental Challenges in Civil and Energy Engineering Projects Using a New Technology

Acid production as a Limiting Factor during the Aerobic Biological PreTreatment of Confectionary Wastewaters

Application Of Constructed Wetlands For The Nitrogen Removal

Roads Make Loads - Rolling Resistance Saves Emissions

Thermoeconomics And Exergy Method In Environmental Engineering

Conversion Of A Severe Environmental Pollutant Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) To A Valuable Corrosion Inhibitor For Steel In Chloride Contaminated Reinforced Concrete Structures

Laboratory Assessment of Kaolinite and Bentonite under Chemical electrokinetic Treatment

Determination of Safe Roadway Buffer Width to Protect Human Health from NO2 Exposure: A Case Study for Grand Prairie, TX

Value Added Refunctionalization of Landscapes: Tuning Dynamics of Land Use Cycles Towards Sustainable Engineering Practices

Remediation of Used Motor Engine Oil Contaminated Soil: A Soil Washing Treatment Approach

Insight into Combustion Sources Affecting Our Indoor Environment and Health

Numerical Methodology for Predicting the Nonlinear Elastic Deflection of Curved Beams and Plates Using Nonlinear Integral Equations

Specimen Size, Slenderness Ratio and Loading Rate Effect on Dynamic Simulation of HPC

Concept and Design of Environmentally Friendly Automobile Mechanic Village

Emission Inventory for Criteria Pollutants of a Thermal Power Plant

Modeling of Corrosion; Steel, Concrete and Environment

River Basins of Imo State for Sustainable Water Resources Management

Statistical Analysis of Climatic Seasonality on the Paving Conditions of a Brazilian Highway

Investigation of Performance of Glass Fibre Impregnated with Bitumen Emulsion against Reflective Cracking

Road Safety in Developing Countries

The Prediction of Contaminant Transport through Soil: A Novel Two-Dimensional Model Approach

Analysis of Masonry Infill in a Multi-Storied Building

Effect of Single Fiber Pull Out Test Result on Flexural Performance of ECC

Evaluation of Combined Excavation Waste and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Aggregates for Use in Road Bases and Sub-bases

The Stochastic Capacity of a Roadway: Is it the Answer for Better "Real-Time" Management of Freeway Operations?

Waste Removal and Oxygen Condition in a Natural Water Purification System

WEEE Recycling: Analysis of Materials Potential Recovery from High-Grade WEEE

A Sediment Phytoattenuation Evaluation by Four Sessions of Vetiver Planting and Harvesting

Passive Layer Development and Corrosion of Steel in Concrete at the Nano-scale

Application of Water Quality Index and Diversity Index for Pollution Assessment of Kankaria Lake at Ahmedabad, India

A Study and Analysis on the Physical Shading Effect of Water Quality Control in Constructed Wetlands

The Improvement of Phytomediation on the Treatment Effectiveness of Heavy Metals with Energy Sunflower Plants with Calcium Peroxide and Phytohormones

Peri-Urban Vertisol Properties as Influenced by Sewage and Bore Well Water Irrigation to Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Estimation of the Residual Stress in Clay Sampled from the Field

Grain Size and Beach Formation Characteristic at the T-Head Groins System at Kiyicik, Turkey (Eastern Black Sea)

Drought Forecasting Using Indices and Artificial Neural Networks for Upper Tana River Basin, Kenya-A Review Concept

Prevention Plan to Save Human Life, by Building Safe Monolithic Dome or EcoShell Structures

"Two Birds, One Stone": A New Recipe for Chemical Decontamination?

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Monitoring Over Kirkuk City Using Remote Sensing Data

Dry Coal Beneficiation Method-Effective Key to Reduce Health, Environmental and Technical Coal Firing Issues

Seismic Analysis of Indoor Auditorium

Experimental Study on Concrete Using Copper Slag as Replacement Material of Fine Aggregate

The Green Aggregates for Sustainable Development in Construction Industry

Effect of Thermal Cycles on Creep Behavior of Bituminous Binder in Hot Regions

A Discrete-Time Quasi-Theoretical Solution of the Modified Riccati Matrix Algebraic Equation

Calculation of Sight Triangle Dimensions and Unobstructed Area at Railway Level Crossings in Iran

Leveraging Precipitation Modification around Large Reservoirs in Orographic Environments for Water Resources Management

Road Traffic, Location of Rooms and Hypertension

The Electromagnetic Pollution of Wireless Electronic Equipment in Areas with High Human Accumulation

SSVEP Based BCI for an Object Control in 2D Space

Application of Artificial Neural Network Model to Human Body Vibrations in Large Haul Trucks

Evaluation of Factors Affecting on Safety Performance at High Workplace in Gaza Strip 2014

SCS-CN-based Simulation of Pollutants Removal

DAF-Treated Lube Oil Wastewater (DTLOWW) Treatment: Performance of Bench Scale and Pilot Scale Fenton Process

Gravity Anomaly Data Reconstruction Based on Improved Interior Point Method in Airborne Gravimetry

Reduction Effects of Shaped Noise Barrier for Reflected Sound

Understanding the Role of Chlorine Dioxide as Pre-oxidant and Disinfectant

Effects of Different Dispersing Solution on the Properties of Soil Particle during Hydrometer Test

Engineered Carbon Nanomaterials: The Chance or the Risk in the Future?

Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) Delivery Model for an Urban Flexible Pavement

Self-Compacted Concrete Mix Design and its Comparison with Conventional Concrete (M-40)

Effect of Temperature Variation and Type of Embankment Soil on Integral Abutment Bridges in Sudan

Estimation of the Maximum Concentration for Non-Gaussian Under Using Different Schemes of Dispersion Parameters for Isotopes

Flood Hazard Assessment and Mapping of Flood Inundation Area of the Awash River Basin in Ethiopia using GIS and HEC-GeoRAS/HEC-RAS Model

Different Methods of Accident Forecast Based on Real Data

Mode of Business Agreement with the Quantity Surveyor in the Informal Sector Economy of Nigeria: Sustainability of Professional Standards

Removal of Organics and Metal Ion Nanoparticles from Synthetic Wastewater by Activated Sludge Process (ASP)

Analysis and Classification of Channel Network Types for Intermittent Streams in the United Arab Emirates and Oman

Life Time Approach for Prediction Groundwater Depletion

An Innovative Study on Reuse of Demolished Concrete Waste

Shear Strength Prediction of FRP-reinforced Concrete Beams: A State-ofthe- Art Review of Available Models

High Modulus Asphalt Concrete: a Long Life Asphalt Pavement

Predicting Dwell Time by Bus Stop Type and Time of the Day

The use of Alcohols and their Compounds as Biofuel and Gasoline Blends

Buffeting Wind Load on Antennas with Rooftop Site

Characterization of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (Eps) Produced by Cloacibacterium normanense Isolated from Wastewater Sludge for Sludge Settling and Dewatering

Growth Rate Measurement of Scirpus Grossus Plant as Preliminary Step to Apply the Plant in Wastewater Treatment Using Reedbed System

The Quality of the Environmental Impact Assessment Process for Public Road Projects: A Case Study in Spain

Effect of Recycled Aggregate on the Compressive Behaviour of Short Concrete Columns

Analysis of Adaptive Traffic Control Systems Design of a Decision Support System for Better Choices

Characterization of Physical, Thermal and Structural Properties of Chromium (VI) Oxide Powder: Impact of Bio Field Treatment

Estimation of Air Pollution Cost for Optimization of Highway Alignment

Estimation of Carbon Footprints of Bituminous Road Construction Process

Water Quality Assessment of River Elemi and Ureje in Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

Problem or Resource - Why It Is Important For the Environment to Keep Track of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Carbon in Wastewater and Sludge Management

Hybrid Technologies for Interdisciplinary Education

Solid Waste Disposal and Community Health Implications in Ghana: Evidence from Sawaba, Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly

The Electricity Generation in Microbial Fuel Cells Using Reaeration Mechanism for Cathodic Oxygen Reduction

Numerical Simulation of Bed Level Variation in Open Channels Under Steady Flow Conditions

Development of Water Quality Map for Ogbomoso Metropolis

The Development and Rehabilitation of the Hammamlif Coastline: A Geotechnical Study

Impact of Polluted River Water on Ground Water of Agricultural Area and its Suitability for Irrigation

Effective Use of Plant-Derived Urease in the Field of Geoenvironmental/ Geotechnical Engineering

Using of Wastewater Dry and Wet Sludge In Concrete Mix

The Mathematical Treatment for Air Pollutant Diffusion Using Laplace Adomain Decomposition Method with Ground Surface

Behaviour and Strength of Ferrocement Rectangular Beams in Shear- A Experimental Study

Assessment of Collapse Approach Based on Pre-established Engineering Demand Parameters (EDP)s Limits

Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of Highway Drainage Outlet Erosion, Case Study of Mekelle to Adigrat Highway, Tigray, Ethiopia

The Effect of Water Mist Droplet Size and Nozzle Flow Rate on Fire Extinction in Hanger by Using FDS

Study of Behavioural Change in the Soil Contaminated with Petrol

The Investigation of Fiber Reinforcement Self-Compacting Concrete and Fiber Reinforcement Concrete

An Exploration of CO2 Emission Models for Horizontal Curves on Freeways

Proactive - Adaptive Ramp Metering Scheme for Urban Highways

Study the Properties of Water Mist Droplet by Using FDS

Significance of RAP Content and Foamed Binder Content on Mechanistic Characteristics of Recycled Foamed Bituminous Mixes

Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams Rehabilitation in Terms of Different Problem

Assessment of Drinking and Irrigation Water Quality of Surface Water Resources of South-West Kashmir, India

Evaluation of the Effect of Aggregates Mineralogy and Geometry on Asphalt Mixture Friction

Finite Element Investigation of a Bolted Extended End-Plate Moment Connection Subjected to Variation of Temperature

Pre-grouting for Leakage Control and Rock Improvement

An Interval Parameter Two-Stage Stochastic Approach to Optimize Budget and Schedule in Construction Management

Environmental Impact Assessment of A Proposed 2640 MW Thermal Power Plant at Sompeta Using RIAM

Geostatistical and Spatial Statistical Modelling of Precipitation Varia-tions in Iran

Effect of Slope Shape on Soil Erosion

Natural Water Quality and Its Suitability for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes In the Jungar Basin, Central Asia

Drones and Possibilities of Their Using

Impact of Different Washing Conditions on the Release of Ag Species from Textiles

Re-Use of Abandoned Quarries; Case Study of Eco-Tourism and Rangers Academy Ajloun - Jordan

An Evaluation of the Effects of Drive-Through Configurations on Air Quality at Fast Food Restaurants

Bivariate Drought Frequency Analysis in The Medjerda River Basin, Tunisia

Effect of Bolt-Hole Position Errors on the Strength of Bearing-Type Multi- Row Bolted Connection of FRP Composite Members

Estimation of Runoff Depth and Volume Using NRCS-CN Method in Konar Catchment (Jharkhand, India)

Physico-Chemical Characterization of Electroplating Industrial Effluents of Chandigarh and Haryana Region

Compressibility of a Fat Clay mixed with aggregates

The Application of Ultrafiltration for Preliminary Treatment of Liquid Waste Streams Generated in Gasification Process

Hybrid Jute/Glass Reinforced Laminate Mechanical Properties

A Comparison Among the Physico-Chemical-Mechanical of Three Potential Aggregates Fabricated From Fly Ash

editors note civil environmental engineering

Masonry Infill Panels with Openings, Modeling, Effect on Seismic Response of Concrete Frame and Example Study According the Provisions in Morocco «Rps 2011»

Study of Influence of Using Various Types of Filler on the Characteristics of Laboratory Mixed AC-BC and AC-WC 2010 Revised General Specification Version III

Investigating Causes of Highway Crossing (Bridges and Culverts) Outlet Erosion in Selected Structures of Mekelle to Adigrat Highway - Tigray, Ethiopia

Repair Method of Damaged Steel Framed Structures and Ultimate Seismic State of Repaired Steel Frames

A Study on Ultimate Seismic States of Multi-story Horizontally Mixed Structural System and Feasibility on Connection Joints

An Experimental Study of Embedded Connection for Lightweight Steel Square Tube Filled with Adhesives

Study of Equivalent Strength and Effects of the Type of Multi-story Steel Braced Frames

Repair Method of Damaged Steel Braced Structure and Restring Force Characteristics after Repair State

Prediction Method of Maximum Seismic Response for Vibration Control Steel Frames With Scaling-Frame Device Installed

An Experimental and Analysis Study on Vibration Control Devices Called as Hybrid Scaling - Frame

The Repair Method of Damaged H-shaped Steel Members and Experimental Study on Recovery after Repair

Critical Success Factor for Industrialized Building System Process Protocol Map by Lean Construction management

Chemical and Mineral Characteristics of Melted Snow-Water in the Jilin Province, North-East China

The Reality of Life During Floods

Computing Hydrological Balance in the Medard Mining Pit With the Help of the Water Balance Conceptual Model (WBCM)

Volatile Organic Compounds in India: Concentration and Sources

Modeling of Hydrological Extremes Under Climate Change Scenarios in The Upper Blue Nile River Basin, Ethiopia

Experiments on Vibration Mitigation with a Mass-Spring-Series Model

Prediction of Effluent Treatment Plant Performance in a Diary Industry Using Artificial Neural Network Technique

A Big Lost Fragment; Evaluating Socio-cultural Considerations in Mehr Housing Project, Case Study Analysis of Manzarieh

Improvement of Geotechnical Properties of Cricket Pitches

Improving Chemigation Systems Efficiency Under Arid Conditions Based on Weighing-Points Technique

Development of Water Resources for Micro Watershed at Chinamushidiwada Village in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Auscultation of a Dam for Mining Restoration in Quebec, Canada

Prediction of the Design Load for High Strength Concrete Columns

Effect of Elevated Temperature on Flexural Behavior of RC Beams with NSM CFRP

An Investigation of the Gathering System Options for a Hypothetical Field with Uniformly Distributed Production Wells

Performance Evaluation of Contaminated Cohesive Soils

Testing Uncertainty in ILUTE - An Integrated Land Use -Transportation Micro-simulation Model of Demographic Updating

Analysis of Second Degree of Freedom with Second Degree of Stiffness Based on Broyden’s Method

Finite Element Method of Stability Analysis and Stabilization of Gully Erosion Slopes - A Study of the Otampa Gu

Non- Linear Models of Light-Duty Vehicle Emission Factors Considering Pavement Roughness

A Scandium Modified Al-0.7 Fe Binary Alloy: Improvement of Creep- Resistance Property

Updated Traffic Flow Dispersion Model Considering Effects of in-Vehicle Advisory Messages

Comparative Description of Essential Oil Quantitative and Qualitative Indexes During the Growth and Development of Sweet Basil in Conditions of the Newest Water-Stream Hydroponics

Partial Replacement of Wood Ash with Ordinary Portland Cement and Foundry Sand as Fine Aggregate

Establishment of a Composite Safety Index for Pavement Management

Strong-Back System Coupled with Framed Structure to Control the Building Seismic Response

A Practical Framework for Implementing Distributed Leadership by Abu Dhabi Police

Planning Method of B6 in Kaunos Design Methods of a Rock-Cut Tomb in Southeast of Karia

Effect of Adding Silicon Carbide and Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles on the Performance of the Cement Pastes

Methodology of Calculation of the Carbon Footprint of Container Terminals as a Link in the Logistics Chain

Water Vaporization from Deposited Sand by Microwave Cavity Resonator

Numerical simulation for soil-superstructure interactive system

Development and Characterization of Surface Porosity in Tannery Sludge Derived Adsorbent

Study on Ultimate Seismic Behavior and Repair Method of Damaged SteelFrames

Probability Distribution of Turbulent Velocity Fluctuations in a Patchy Vegetated Open Channel

Improving of Temperature Susceptibility of Asphalt 60/70 using Synthesized Reactive Rubber Nanoparticles for use in Different Climate

Study on Ultimate State and Mechanical Characteristics of Connection Joint of Damaged H-Shaped Bracing Structure

Application of Factorial Design in the Analysis of Factors Influencing Textile Dye Adsorption on Activated Carbon

Trends in the Application of Permeable Pavement as Sustainable Highway Storm Water Management Option for Safe-Use of Roadways

Study of Urban Sprawl and its Social and Environmental Impacts on Urban Society in Latifabad Town, Hyderabad, Pakistan

Green Growth through Strategic Environmental Assessment in Bangladesh

Shear Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Wide Beams wtihout Stirrups

Model to Predict Failure Time for FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures under Extreme Heat

Investigation of Biocide Biodegradation in Wastewater under Laboratory Set-Up in Anaerobic, Aerobic and Aerobic with Substrate Conditions

Hydraulic and Structural Design of Navigational Locks

Effect of the Operation Mode and Distance on the Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by Mobile Phone Devices in Greece: A Pilot Study

Prediction of Self-Compacting Rubberized Concrete Mechanical and Fresh Properties using Taguchi Method

Assessment of Air Quality Index for Cities and Major Towns in Tamil Nadu, India

Responsibility of NSM FRP Bars in Shear Fortifying of Strengthened R.C. Beams

Water Management in Tarbela Dam By using Bayesian Stochastic Dynamic Programming in Extreme Inflow Season

Secondary Flow Structures in Open Channel with Patchy Gravel and Vegetated Beds

Assessment of In-Vehicle Messages in the Advance Warning Area of a Work Zone

Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Aged Steel Railway Bridges in Japan

Nanotechnology in Repair and Protection of Structures State-of-the-Art

The Current State of Sustainable Development in Ghanaian Technical Universities

Effect of Load Eccentricity on the Strength of Concrete Columns

Longitudinal Imperfections on Thin Walled Cylindrical Shells

Hydro-mechanical Properties of Highly porous Limestone Rock used for Historic Monuments in North-East Tunisia

Collapse Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Frame Due to Middle Column Loss by Explosion

Experimental Behavior of Bolted T-Stub Connections with IPE Standard Profile

A New Approach of a Specific Sustainability Model

Endangering Residents in Shipitull Village by Landslide at the Surface Mining in South West Sibovc

Traffic Congestion and Impact on the Environment in Vietnam: Development of Public Transport System - Experience from Actual Operation of Bus in Hanoi

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Model for End Depth Computations

Mechanical Behavior of High Strength Concrete Reinforced with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Estimation of The Shear-Lag Effect of Composite Box Girder Bridges With Corrugated Steel Webs

Safe Passage of Riverine Flood from Highly Urbanized City: A Case Study of Lahore City in Pakistan

Influence of Nonlinearity of Soil-Pile Interface on the Seismic Interaction of Nonlinear Soil-Piles-Bridge System

Effects of Curing and Cement Type on Leak deterioration of Concrete in Water Tanks

Floodplain Analysis using ArcGIS, HEC-GeoRAS and HEC-RAS in Attarat Um Al-Ghudran Oil Shale Concession Area, Jordan

Prediction of Some Properties of Retempered Concrete in Hot Weather

Contribution of Modern Biogas Plant to Energy Source and Environment Protection in Rwanda

Investigating Level of Awareness on Traffic Control Devices to Minimize Traffic Accident on Pedestrians in Gondar Town

The Impact of the Unsupported Excavation on the Boundary of the Active Zone in Medium, Stiff and Very Stiff Clay

The Study on Three-Dimensional Modeling Method of Urban Rail Transit Tunnel.

A Study on Solid Waste Generation of Household and Potential of Resource Recovery in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Characterization of Compressed Earth Blocks Stabilized with Clay Pozzolana

Comparative Study of the Mechanical Performance of Bitumen Binders and Mixtures Utilizing Crumb Rubber, Tafpack Super, and Polypropylene

The Possible Contribution of Chlorella vulgaris to Uptake High Concentration Carbon Dioxide to Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan

Application of a Hydrodynamic Model for River Upstream Water Quality Assessment in Vietnam

Dechlorination Kinetics of PCBs Contaminated Transformer Oils by Stabilized Nanoscale Fe

The Influence of Differential Settlement Analysis for the Single and Multi-Combined Longitudinal Precast Box Culvert

Evaluation of indoor air pollution in urban homes: a case study from Isfahan, Iran

Treatment of Electroplating Industry Wastewater by Electrocoagulation using Moringa oleifera Seeds as a Natural Coagulant

Water Availability Analysis of Multiple Source Groundwater Supply Systems in Water Stressed Urban Centers: Case of Lodwar municipality,Kenya

The Reticular Atomic Filter in the Vacuum: The Adaptability of the Electronic Cloud of Atoms that Make Up a Solid with Two Applications-Hydrogen and Pure Water

Moderating Influence of Process Monitoring on the Relationship between Contractors Capacity Evaluation in Tender Award and Performance of Road Construction Infrastructural Projects

Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Editorial

Cement Clinker based on industrial waste materials

Cement Soil Stabilization as an Improvement Technique for Rail Track Subgrade, and Highway Subbase and Base Courses: A Review

The Examples of Design of Normal Cycle Shells and Analyses of Stress-Strain State by Variation-Difference Method

The Variation-Difference Method of Design of Shells with Normal Unconjugated Coordinate System and Design of Some Type of Surfaces for Checking of the Correction of the Program

Anaerobic Digestion of Banana Wastes for Biogas Production

The Impact of World Heritage Site Designation on Local Communities- The Al-Salt City as a Predicted Case Study

Effect of Oil on Phytoremediation of PCB Co-Contamination in Transformer Oil Using Chromolaena odorata

The Impact of Globalization on Neoliberal Architecture: How Modern Architecture has become a Tool for Control and Compliance

Application of Building Information Modeling for an Institutional Building

Assessment of Surface Water Qualities in Ihetutu Mining Areas of Ishiagu, Nigeria, using Water Quality Index Model

Structural Strengthening/Repair of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Beams by Different Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Materials - A State-of-the-Art Review

The Importance of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and OHS Budgeting in terms of Social Sustainability in Construction Sector

Editorial Note for Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Pushover Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier Designed as Per IRC-6 Codal Provision

A Research Study Done on the Adaptation of Building Information Modelling in Various Fields of a Construction Project

Assessment of Stormwater Drainage System for Small Urban Watershed: A Case of Shambu Town, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Mechanical Properties Investigation on M40 Grade Cement Concrete by Utilization of Waste Plastic and Crumbled Rubber

Effects of Air Pollutants on Surface Water Contamination

Effect of Zeolite in the Mechanical Properties of Concrete and its CO2 Absorption Characteristics to Form an Eco-Friendly Environment

Numerical Simulation of Influence of Pores Sizes on Water Migration Dynamic in Concrete Building Walls

Modeling of Water Distribution System for Reducing of Leakage

The Impact of the Quality Designed Learning Environment on a Child's Behavior in Kindergarten Stage

Implementing an Urban Bicycle Highway on Pedestrian Traffic - Finding a Traffic Control Strategy with Optimal Coordination for the City Center of Munich

Effects of Partially and Totally Substitution of Marble Waste as a Fine Aggregate on Workability and Mechanical Performance of Concrete

Suitability of Crushed Manufactured Sand for Replacement of Natural River Sand to Produce C-25 Concrete

Impact of Indoor Physical Environment on Employee Productivity after Pandemic Period the Case of Arab Bank Jordan

Contribution of Gaharwa Lake to Sustainable Solution for Availing Sufficient Domestic water

Assessment of Indigenous Water Management System: A Case Study of Borana Community, Southern Ethiopia

Optimal Placement of Multi Actuators in Active Control of Building Frames

A Review Paper on Durability Study on Steel Structure Joints against Corrosion by Using Natural Pigment

Hydraulic Modelling of Water Distribution System of Aksum Town, Ethiopia

A Study on Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement by Cattle Bone Ash in Concrete Property

Change in the state of matter of metals and solids using a reticular atomic filter in vacuum and creation of new materials. Hypothesis of change B-C and Si-BP

Role of Spatial Variability in the Service Life Prediction of RC Bridges Affected by Corrosion

Editorial on Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Editorial Note

Green Buildings - A Step Towards Environmental Protection

Editorial on Geotechnical Engineering

Micro Plastics In Wastewater Treatment Processes

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Transportation Engineering

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