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ISSN: 2476-2296

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Samdhani Shaik

Associate Professor, University of Milan, Italy

  • Perspective   
    Investigation of Particle Size Effect on Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of Distilled Water-Al2o3 Nano Fluids
    Author(s): Samdhani Shaik*

    Nano fluids are dispersions of high thermal conductivity nano particles during a base fluid, and offer potential to enhance thermal conductivity of it. Literature data on the effect of particle size on the thermal conductivity enhancement of nano fluids are inconsistent and limited. Hence within the present study, the effect of particle size on thermal conductivity enhancement of distilled water- Al2O3 nano fluid has been investigated experimentally using transient hot wire apparatus. The particle volume concentration of Al2O3 nano particles for mean diameter of 15 nm and 60 nm are varied between 0.1 and 3%. The enhancement within the thermal conductivity is approximately 22% and 17% for 15 nm and 60 nm particle size respectively, at 3% particle volume concentration at 30οC. These experimental results are according to the predictions.. Read More»

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