Journal of Environmental Hazards

ISSN: 2684-4923

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Ramya Shubha

Department of Biotechnology, India

  • Mini Review   
    Effects of Noise Pollution
    Author(s): Ramya Shubha*

    Epidemiological investigations have given proof that traffic commotion openness is connected to cardiovascular sicknesses like blood vessel hypertension, myocardial dead tissue, and stroke. Ecological stressors, for example, commotion and air contamination are getting increasingly more significant in our industrialized world and particularly traffic clamor from street, airplane, and rail route transportation addresses a potential novel cardiovascular danger factor and various investigations exhibit that commotion assumes a part for the improvement of cardiovascular just as metabolic sickness. Babisch set up the cutting edge comm.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37421/jeh.2021.5.135

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