Journal of Diabetic Complications & Medicine

ISSN: 2475-3211

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Prakash Pani

Department of Anatomy, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Pillarkuppam Pondicherry, India

  • Mini Review   
    Biophotonics Techniques for the Functional Monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus Complications
    Author(s): Prakash Pani*

    Diabetes complications are a major public health issue that has a significant financial impact. As a result, the length and quality of a patient's life will improve, as will the financial costs of their treatment, if complications are identified and prevented early. The purpose of this article is to examine the most recent cutting-edge biophotonics technologies used to identify diabetes mellitus complications and evaluate the efficacy of their treatment. Capillaroscopy, laser Doppler flowmetry and hyperspectral imaging, laser speckle contrast imaging, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and imaging, fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging, optical coherence tomography, optoacoustic imaging, and confocal microscopy are among the technologies used to evaluate the structural and functional properties of biological tissues... Read More»
    DOI: 10.37421/2475-3211.2022.7.184

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