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Mei Chen Wu

Chi-Mei Medical Center, Taiwan

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    Geriatrics Nursing 2020: A Patient with Vibrio Vulnificus Infection and Necrotizing fasciitis-Case Report - Mei Chen Wu - Chi-Mei Medical Center.
    Author(s): Mei Chen Wu

    Vibrio vulnificus is a gram-negative bacterium that thrives in high-salt environments. V. vulnificus infections disproportionately affect males and old patients, especially those with underlying conditions such as liver disease, diabetes and immune disorders. Severe wound infections are often characterized by necrotizing skin and soft-tissue infection, including fasciitis and gangrene. Taiwan is situated in a subtropical region. The residents usually introduce seawater to cultivate seafood for a living. The mortality rate of patients with wound infection and septic shock can be as high as 90%. The patient might die within 24-36 hours. This article describes the care experience of a female 72-year-old with hypertension but without any high-risk dise.. Read More»

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