Advances in Recycling & Waste Management

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Airshed Planning Professional Pvt. Ltd. Kanpur (Incubated under IIT Kanpur) · Environment Ph.D. in Civil-Environmental Engineering

Currently, I am doing research on water, wastewater, air pollution and solid waste management and also as a consultant related to all the aspects of Environmental pollution. I worked in various Institute IIT, NIT, State colleges and GPCB, Spectro. I have knowledge of various software skills such as ArcGIS, PHAST, AERMOD, Caline-4, PHAST (Hazard and Hazop), EPANET (Piping), WR-Plot (Wind rose), MINITAB, SPSS, MATLAB, ORIGIN, PRISM, STATISTICA, SIGMA PLOT, Design expert etc. My opinions do not represent anyone else. Regards to all

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