Journal of Metabolic Syndrome

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Hidetoshi Ikeda

Southern Tohoku General Hospital,
Koriyama, Fukushima 963-8563

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    Plurihormonality and Pluripotentiality of GH-Secreting Adenoma Based on Pathological Analysis of 242 patients with Acromegaly
    Author(s): Hidetoshi IkedaHidetoshi Ikeda

    Aim: To disclose the nature of plurihormonality and pluripotentiality of growth hormone (GH)-secreting adenomas. Methods: A total of 242 patients with GH-secreting adenomas were studied by immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy and clonal analysis (X-linked human androgen receptor gene assay). Results: GH-secreting adenoma showed a greater variety and number of hormones produced compared with those of PRL-secreting adenomas (p<0.01, Welch’s t-test). The number of cases with GH-secreting adenoma that simultaneously produced ACTH were 50 (21%) out of 242. There were two different types of co-localization of ACTH- and GH-secreting cells within adenoma; (1) adenoma with co-localized ACTH- and GH-immunoreactive cells in a random pattern, and (2) adenoma with a small cell cluster of ACTH-immunoreactive cells within.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0943.S2-003

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