Bioceramics Development and Applications

ISSN: 2090-5025

Open Access

G. Kawachi

Department of Biomaterials, Faculty of Dental Science, Kyushu University, Japan

G. Kawachi works in the Department of Biomaterials at Kyushu University, Japan. Research interests include Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Bioengineered Therapeutics, Devices and Drug Delivery. International experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries for diverse fields of study. Doing research from so many years in the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering.
Research Interest

Bio Ceramics, Bio inert Materials, Biopolymers, Calcium Phosphate, Ceramic Engineering, Ceramic Metal Oxides, Ceramics, Implants Biology, Endodontics, Material Science, Medicine, Prosthetic Devices, Tissue Scaffold, Injectable bone substitute material, Human osteoblasts, Hydroxyapatite, Ceramic Coating, Mechanical Properties 

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