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Elias Sanidas


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    Evidence of the Strong Nexus between Economic, Social, Business, and Political Indicators across the World
    Author(s): Elias SanidasElias Sanidas

    There are at least four levels of socio-economic and political development: institutional environment, micro business governance, economic resource allocation and employment, and finally culture or informal long term institutions. In our study we use methods of multivariate analysis such as multi-dimensional scaling and hierarchical clustering to provide evidence that these four levels (at least) of embeddedness exist as predicted; and that according to this model, countries are clustered together in such a way that we can reasonably accept an overall gauge of socio-economic and political development based on the totality of all variables used in our study, but also based on other individual factors such as government efficiency, or GDP per capita. Our sample consists of 53 countries and 90 socio economic and political variables taken from various well known sources. Results for 1995 .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2162-6359.1000481

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