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Dima AL-Hinn


  • Research Article
    The Role of e-Business Solution in Firm Performance: Impact of Supply Chain Collaboration in Manufacturing Sector in Jordan
    Author(s): Dima AL-Hinn and Mohammad J AdailehDima AL-Hinn and Mohammad J Adaileh

    Purpose: This research seeks to present a theoretical model about the role of e-business in firm performancetaking into consideration the impact of the mediators “collaboration with customer and collaboration with competitors”. Design: The study was conducted in manufacturing sectors in Jordan. The researcher used the exploratoryfactor analysis in the first phase of the analysis. A total of 66 questionnaires were distributed and considered for pilottesting. In the second phase, confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to validate the measurement scale. Theresearcher distributes 178 questionnaires and used to validate the measurement scale. Then the researcher usedstructural equation modelling to investigate the relationship between the dimensions, and to measure the impact ofe-business on firm performance, impact of supply chain c.. Read More»

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