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Deepak Bhattacharya

Oddisi Research Laboratory,

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    Indian Monsoon Climate and Malaria: Medical Meteorology
    Author(s): Deepak BhattacharyaDeepak Bhattacharya

    India has among the highest rates of malaria mortality, inoculation and infection, human and socio-economicadministrative costs. India is a subcontinent having monsoon climate (most variable). Meteorology being all about atmospheric processes and dynamics envelopes much of the ecology and environment. This communication presents Indian sub-continental atypical monsoon meteorology, east coast’s geography, geomorphology of eosin plateaus (plateau environment in particular), orography (delta type sea with parabolic shore line) as having a nexus with the ever present human health hazard of malaria infection. There is not much scope for inter-disciplinary studies. Ongoing decadal works have been cited to indicate the historical etiology of the term ‘Medical Meteorology’ in clinical-cum- met domains. The finding is that due to such all-pervading meteorology the nature of t.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2470-6965.1000141

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