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Arpine Sargsyan


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    Variety of Approaches in Assessment of Global Competitiveness
    Author(s): Arpine SargsyanArpine Sargsyan

    Competitiveness is one of the most broadly used terms when talking about strengths and weaknesses of a firm, a certain sector of economy, a party, region or state. In its broader sense, competitiveness is used to indicate the ability to achieve certain overall outcomes, such as a high standard of living and economic growth. National Competitiveness as one of the cornerstones in evaluating a country’s economy, its potential, is a concept used to define a country's ability to grow, to compete with other countries for human capital, investments, and other resources. Given this importance of the principle, many international organizations, research centres, individual researchers conduct brief researches and analysis, do define, examine competitiveness, and it’s driving factors, ways of achievements and improving a country’s state in the Global Marketplace. Many nati.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2162-6359.1000479

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