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Abdul Qadir Bhatti

Slovak republic

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    Performance Base Design of Multi-Storey Steel Structures Considering Dynamic Loads Originated by Geological Agents
    Author(s): Abdul Qadir Bhatti and Naqash MTAbdul Qadir Bhatti and Naqash MT

    Dynamic stresses generated by geological agents such as earthquakes, sand storms and hurricanes causes great damages to the structures. In this research dynamic loads the effect of generated by these geological agents have been taken into account for the performance base evaluation and design of rigid steel frames. The effect of fundamental periods on the design of these frames taking into account the variation in the behaviour factor and drift limitations is highlighted. The periods are obtained from the modal dynamic analysis; their performances were tested through nonlinear pushover analysis and these are then compared with the periods obtained from codified formulations. The weight of the designed frames are normalised with respect to the modal periods. It is observed that as the drift limitation varies from the lower limit (relaxed one) to the upper limit (stringent one); the fun.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2472-0437.1000134

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