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Volume 12, Issue 8 (2021)

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Cytological Features of Columnar Cell Lesions of the Breast

Torill Sauer MD*

Columnar cell lesions in the breast are seen as mammographic microcalcifications. Occasionally they may be seen on ultrasound imaging. Cytological material from these lesions is rarely obtained, but seem to mirror the heterogeneous histological findings ranging from benign to low grade atypia. The cytological features of a handful of cases are described and demonstrated in this short report.

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A Study of Age wise Spectrum of Breast Lump Biopsies with FNAC Correlation a 3-Year Experience from a Tertiary Health Care Centre

Dr. Pratibha Patil* and Dr. Sridhar H

Introduction: Breast cancer is the commonest malignancy in women worldwide and leading cause of death from cancer in women. So the preoperative evaluation of breast lumps is an essential part of the management of breast lesions. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is a well-accepted procedure and is a valuable tool in the diagnosis and patient management of breast lesions. It has high diagnostic accuracy. This helps the clinician in planning the correct surgical or medical treatment.

Aim: Correlation of breast lump FNAC with biopsies

Materials and Methods: 3 years retrospective study of 90 patients attending outpatient department of M.S.RAMAIAH Medical College from JAN 2015 to DEC 2017 presented with breast lump in women, who underwent FNAC in the Department of Pathology were correlated with histopathology in 90 cases.

Results: Out of 90 cases 67 benign and 23 were malignant. Maximum cases (24) seen in 21 -30 years, most of them were benign conditions. Fibro adenoma was the most common benign condition (32.8%). Malignant cases were seen more in the 5th decade. IDC was the most common type. Diagnostic accuracy of FNAC for malignant condition was 68.96%.

Conclusion: The results of our study showed FNA of breast lump to be a reliable method to diagnose breast lump with high accuracy. Triple assessment by clinical, radiological and FNAC can produce 99% accuracy for both benign and malignant lesions. Histopathological study acts as an internal quality measure for Cytological diagnosis .It is the gold standard for diagnosis of neoplastic lesions.

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Thyroid Regeneration: A Role of Stem Cells

Shioko Kimura*

Many tissues if not all are thought to contain undifferentiated cells that are answerable for recovery and fix of the tissue after injury. Dysregulation of tissue recovery might bring about different obsessive conditions, among which malignant growth is the most broadly considered. Remarkably, the supposed malignancy undifferentiated organisms or tumor-starting cells, have been concentrated to comprehend the components of carcinogenesis and additionally metastasis. In any case, the idea of disease immature microorganisms, not to mention typical stem/forebear cells, especially those of the thyroid remaining parts subtle. There stays a hole in information between grown-up thyroid stem/forebear cells and disease immature microorganisms of the thyroid, and if as well as how they are identified with one another. Comprehension of the component for thyroid recovery and method of investment of typical grown-up thyroid stem/forebear cells in this cycle will ideally yield a more complete comprehension of the idea of thyroid malignant growth foundational microorganisms, as well as assist with understanding the pathogenesis of other thyroid sicknesses. This audit sums up the current comprehension of grown-up thyroid stem/begetter cells, with specific accentuation on how they add to thyroid recovery.

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A New Paradigm in Salivary Gland Tumor Cytopathology

Justin A Bishop*

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