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Type III Endoleak Endovascular Repair via Fabric Defect: Case Report


Bartosz Zienczuk, Radoslaw Pietura, Michal Toborek and Marek Durakiewicz

In discussed case endoleak type III was caused by fabric defect in stentgraft wall, slow aneurysmal sac enlargement was seen in angio-CT. Standard lumbar artery and inferior mesenteric artery embolisation would be insufficient in this case. The attempt of aneurysmal sac embolisation through lumbar and mesenteric arteries with coils and polymer was hazardous in the opinion of authors. To dock the catheter via fabric defect in stentgraft wall was the shortest way and the least risky. The coils where implanted in the first step of endovascular procedure. The second step was aneurysmal sac embolisation with Glubran and Lipiodol mixture. No endoleak and no aneurysmal sac enlargement was seen in CT angiography performed two months after the procedure.


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