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Treatment of Aggressive Metastatic Breast Cancers with Signet-Ring Cell Features


Phu N Tran and Rita S Mehta

Signet-ring carcinoma of the breast (SRCC) is a rare form of breast cancer with high rates of axillary and distant metastases. Most prior case reports focused on the clinicopathologic features rather than management of SRCC.

Case Report: Hereby, we report a 39-year-old women who had distant recurrent of estrogen receptor positive, progesterone receptor negative and Her-2 positive signet-ring carcinoma of the breast to the lungs, liver, bones and brain. Since no standard guidelines existed, we directed her treatments according to hormonal and Her-2 receptor status and optimized supportive care. She had resolution of pulmonary lymphangitis and diffuse liver metastases on computerized tomography scan and lived for 4 years after recurrence.

Conclusion: Despite its aggressive biology, our case suggests that signet-ring carcinoma of the breast should be treated similarly to other invasive breast cancers based on hormonal and Her-2 receptor status.


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