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The Relationship between Plasma Vitamin D Level and Heart Valves Calcification


Feldman Viktor K*, Laish-Farkash A, Litvak S, Gefel D, Cohen O and Yosefy C

Background: There is conflicting data regarding the association between low levels of plasma vitamin D and ischemic heart disease (IHD). We aimed to investigate the relationship between plasma vitamin D levels and heart valve calcification in hospitalized patients with IHD versus non-IHD controls.

Methods: A prospective case control study comprising two age and gender-matched groups. The study group included consecutive patients hospitalized due to acute coronary syndrome (ACS); the control group included consecutive non- IHD patients hospitalized for non-cardiac causes. Blood samples for 25-hydroxyvitamin D level (25(OH)D) were drawn. An echocardiogram was performed during the first 3 days of hospitalization and reviewed for presence and degree of valvular calcification (VC).

Results: Forty patients with ACS and 40 controls (age 58 ± 11 years, 64% male in both groups) were included. Mean plasma 25(OH)D vitamin level in the entire cohort was 24.5 ± 8 ng/ml. Valve calcification rates were similar in ACS versus non-ACS group (28 vs. 21 had VC; 18 vs. 12 had aortic valve calcification (AVC); 21 vs. 14 had mitral valve calcification (MVC), respectively; p=NS for all). We found no significant relationship between vitamin D level and VC, AVC, or MVC rate or degree in the entire cohort and in each group alone (p=NS for all). There was a negative correlation between 25(OH)D levels and age in the ACS group (r=-0.399, p=0.012).

Conclusions: We did not find a significant relationship between plasma vitamin D levels and the rate or degree of calcification of either aortic/mitral/both valves in hospitalized patients with/without IHD.


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