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The Production of Uremic Toxin Precursor through Modulating got Microbes


Krishnakant Das

The current experimental and medicine-based data available suggest that controlling of the intestinal microbiota could be an interesting target to reduce CKD development or increase over time of events or things and CV difficulties by decreasing URS production. Beside diet actions that help bad situations to reduce URS production by intestinal microbiota, other choices should be explored. Finally, it should be noted that most managed and done studies were early and subject to change and more medicine-based studies needs to be managed and did to further understand the effectiveness of these related to vitamins, protein, etc., in food ways of reaching goals. Especially, defining a more described the intestinal microbiota in CKD to target the disease-causing bacteria and figure out the effect of quality combination of different substances, objects, people, etc. in addition to the amount of protein on this symbiosis are desirable. Instead of a like nothing else in the world related to vitamins, protein, etc., in food option, a combined success plans of reaching goals which brings together vegetarian diet, LPD, ketoacid addition to something else, adjusting of quality of protein, and pro-prebiotics could be far more interesting for patients with CKD.


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