Journal of Integrative Oncology

ISSN: 2329-6771

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The impact of Photobiomodulation for Oral Mucositis on the quality of life of Head and Neck cancer patients undergoing Radio-chemotherapy


Nathália M. Passos, Agda S. Costa, Juliana B. L. Dantas, Gabriela B. Martins, Hayana R. Lima, Alena R. A. P. Medrado, Manoela Carrera

Background: Photobiomodulation (PBM) has been used to prevent and manage Oral Mucositis (OM) due to its bio stimulating properties. We evaluated the impact of PBM for OM on the Quality of Life (QOL) of Head and Neck (HNC) patients undergoing radio-chemotherapy. Methods: Patients were allocated randomly to the Laser (LO) and Control Group (LS). PBM was used three times a week. QoL assessment were undertaken at the 1st, 6th, 12th, 18th, and 24th radiotherapy sessions. Results: The overall QOL scores decreased in both groups. A comparative analysis between the LO and LS groups demonstrated a worsening over time in the saliva, taste, swallowing, and recreation domains (p<0,05). The LS group demonstrated a greater impairment of QOL in chewing at the 1st (p= 0.011), 18th (p= 0.023) and 24th sessions (p= 0.012). Conclusion: PBM prevented the manifestation of more severe OM degrees, improving the QOL at oral related domains.


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