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Success Story and Factors Affecting Level of Income Earned from Improved Potato Farming in Damot Sore Woreda, Wolaita and Southern Ethiopia


Bassa Z, Abera A, Zeleke B, Alemu M, Bashe A and Areka MS

6Increasing production and productivity of crop farming ,improving income of resource poor farmers and thereby enabling the producers to build assed in Southern Ethiopia in General and Damot Sore Woreda in particular require some form of transformation of the subsistence, low-input and low-productivity farming systems to full agricultural packages utilization and awareness creation. The study was employed in Irish AID Operational Research and Technology Dissemination Project (ORTDP) areas of Areka mandate. This study was undertaken to analyse factors affecting level of income earned from Potato and summarize benefits of utilizing improved potato variety and full agricultural packages in the district. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 80 sample households from two sample kebele. In the study, both primary and secondary data sources were used. Simple Linear Regression Model was employed to identify factors affecting level of income earned from improved potato production by resource poor farmers in the district. Results showed that using improved potato variety increase the production and productivity of the specific commodity and there help the resource poor farmers to build asset. From eight explanatory variables used the six determinant factors that affected significantly the level of income earned from improved potato adoption were comprised of Tropical livestock unit, Being beneficiary or not, family size and intervention period.


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