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Alireza Ranjbar*

Another age-related disease that has been the subject of extensive genetic research is cancer. Cancer is a disease that arises from mutations in genes that regulate cell growth and division. These mutations can be inherited or acquired over the course of an individual's lifetime. There are many different genes that have been associated with cancer, including BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are associated with breast and ovarian cancer, and TP53, which is associated with several different types of cancer. Some of these genes are more strongly associated with certain types of cancer than others, and genetic testing can be used to identify individuals who may be at increased risk for developing certain types of cancer. Cardiovascular disease is another agerelated disease that has a strong genetic component. There are several genes that have been associated with cardiovascular disease, including PCSK9, which encodes a protein that regulates cholesterol levels in the blood, and APOE, which is also associated with Alzheimer's disease. Other genes that have been associated with cardiovascular disease include genes involved in blood clotting, such as F5 and F2, and genes involved in the regulation of blood pressure, such as ACE.


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