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SEO For Doctors: The Challenges & Tactics to Address in 2020


Hayk Saakian

This sessions goal is to demonstrate successful & reproducible tactics that will increase search traffic, conversions, & improve your rankings in Google. Looking at our campaigns & experiments in 2019, we'll review examples of SEO tactics that have increased rankings, how much traffic improvement was seeing over 3, 6, and 12 month timelines. I will present the processes and documentation we used so that attendees can replicate and perform the work independently with their teams as they are able. This session will be targeted to those with mid-tier knowledge of SEO who want to increase results Learning Objectives: 1.It will deliver actionable information and assets that attendees can use to grow their online presence and earn more traffic 2.Attendees will be able to create high value content for any keyword target with specific recommendations on how to optimize the content and what related targets the page can be optimized to 3. And create a list of high value outreach targets that already connect to their competitors and related entities in their target market.


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