Molecular and Genetic Medicine

ISSN: 1747-0862

Open Access

Role of Intestinal Bacteria and their Mechanisms on Host Health and Aging at the Genetic Level


Song S, Slone J and Huang T

Researcher have paid more and more attention to the mechanisms by which intestinal flora affect the health and wellbeing of the host, and to what extent intestinal flora contribute to illness in the general population. Researchers also intend to determine the changes of intestinal flora over time, and the consequences of those changes for aging. This review will focus on the role that intestinal bacteria play in health and aging by providing a landscape of the intestinal flora with age, as well as the clinical signs/symptoms and mechanisms by which intestinal flora may affect aging. We anticipate that by exploring the relationship between intestinal flora and the host, it may ultimately be possible to identify particular classes of intestinal flora that affect aging.


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