Cardiovascular Diseases & Diagnosis

ISSN: 2329-9517

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Role of High ORAC Value, Portion Controlled Diet on Progression of Atherosclerosis in Known CAD Patient: A Single Case Experimental Study


Rohit S, Rahul M, Amin G and Paranjpe S

Introduction: It is known that diet plays a major role in metabolic disorders and CAD is no exception to it. Atheroma is developed due to oxidative stress and inflammation. This single case study was aimed to observe the effect of low calorie, high antioxidant diet on plaque volume.
Methods: Post-enrollment the patient underwent a CT-angiogram to measure plaque volume of the four major arteries. Thereafter for the next two months, the patient has advised a reverse diet kit, a scientifically designed diet box contains pre-portion ready to cook food products that fulfil daily requirements of breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup, and early morning diet. After two months the patient again underwent CT-angiogram.
Results: The results of the CT-angiogram show reduction in non-calcified plaque volume (baseline vs. post-diet: 48.9% vs. 38.4%). Also, there was a reduction in weight and blood pressure.


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