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Re-Use of Abandoned Quarries; Case Study of Eco-Tourism and Rangers Academy Ajloun - Jordan


Firas Gandah and Diala Atiyat

Natural resources varies from one place to another, among these is natural stone (rock) used mainly in construction and buildings, it is noticed that a high percentage of these quarries are spreading randomly and in an unstructured or studied manner without taking into consideration the environment or the regulations of sustainable development, the quarries especially depleted ones have become an environmental threat to humans, animals and plants, they caused the natural shape of the earth to be distorted and deformed, which requires to find a solution to this issue really fast, conduct studies to exploit and invest these resources properly and sustainably within a well thought out plan, while conserving the environment and the social and the economic development, establish a plan that aim to rehabilitate the abandoned quarries and find a way to benefit from them and educate the local community about these quarries. And that is what will be implemented throughout this paper, where a study case from Jordan will be reviewed of the rehabilitation of an old quarry in Ajloun city, by transforming it into a scientific academy designed on the quarry’s site, which aims to help and assist the local community.


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