Journal of Integrative Oncology

ISSN: 2329-6771

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Regenerative Medicine in Paediatric Age


Eduardo Serna Cuéllar

Actual indications of PRP, lipofilling and SVF therapies to reconstruct defects in children. Biocompatibility and disponibility have guaranteed the frequent use of adipose tissue as graft to reconstruct soft tissue defects of the face, above all, in paediatric patients, in wich survival was apreciated superior and in wich implantation of other materials may origin complications and secuelae at very early ages. A survival analysis has been realized with the stereologic method in order to quantify the grafts take tax and to study differences between adult and childhood groups. This volumetric analysis evidenced a high survival of fat grafts in infants (93%), significantly superior than in adults (63%) in fifteen months follow-up, allowing us to conclude that these regenerative techniques offer a real guaranty of success, although partial and non-ever lasting, with good clinical results in selectioned paediatric patients.


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