Molecular and Genetic Medicine

ISSN: 1747-0862

Open Access

Rare Double Aneuploidy in Down Syndrome (Down-Klinefelter Syndrome)


Al-Buali Majed J*, Al-Nahwi Fawatim A, Al-Nowaiser Naziha A, Al-Ali Rhaya A, Al-Khamis Abdullah H and Al-Bahrani Hassan M

Background: The chromosomal aneuploidy described as Cytogenetic condition characterized by abnormality in numbers of the chromosome. Aneuploid patient either trisomy or monosomy, can occur in both sex chromosomes as well as autosome chromosomes. However, double aneuploidies involving both sex and autosome chromosomes relatively a rare phenomenon. In present study, we reported a double aneuploidy (Down-Klinefelter syndrome) in infant from Saudi Arabia.

Materials and Methods: In the present investigation, chromosomal analysis (standard chromosomal karyotyping) and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) were performed according to the standard protocols.

Results: Here, we report a single affected individual (boy) having Saudi origin, suffering from double chromosomal aneuploidy. The main presenting complaint is the obvious dysmorphic features suggesting Down syndrome. Chromosomal analysis and FISH revealed 48,XXY,+21, show the presence of three copies of chromosome 21, two copies of X chromosome and one copy of Y chromosome chromosomes.

Conclusion: Patients with Down syndrome must be tested for other associated sex chromosome aneuploidies. Hence, proper diagnosis is needed for proper management and the cytogenetic tests should be performed as the first diagnostic approach.


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