Journal of Applied & Computational Mathematics

ISSN: 2168-9679

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Radiation Effect of MHD on Cu-water and Ag-water Nanofluids Flow over a Stretching Sheet: Numerical Study


Nader Y Abd Elazem, Abdelhalim Ebaid and Emad H Aly

Recently, the flow and heat transfer of nanofluids has attracted much attention due to their wide applications in industry and engineering. In this paper, the authors introduce numerical investigation for the effect of radiation on the steady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow and heat transfer of Cu-water and Ag-water nanofluids flow over a stretching sheet. In addtion, the effects of various physical parameters such as, radiation, solid volume fraction, suction/injection and magnetic on involved phenomena are discussed in details through graphs. The numerical results reveal that as parameter of radiation increases, the rate of energy transported to the fluid increases, consequently an increase in temperature occurs. Also, the velocity profile of the Ag–water nanoï¬uid is relatively less than that of the Cu–water nanoï¬uid by increasing the volume fraction and suction/injection parameters while, the converse is valid in the case of the temperature profile. Finally, It is observed that the Ag–water nanoï¬uid has higher skin friction coefficient than the Cu–water nanoï¬uid while, a converse behaviour is found in the case of the Nusselt number.


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