Journal of Integrative Oncology

ISSN: 2329-6771

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Potential of Recombinant Protein (ULLB-0005) in Different Cancer


Sudeep Kumar

Recombinant protein (ULLB-0005), is derived from a natural fungal protein, which has high binding specificity toward the carbohydrate antigen (Galβ1–3GalNAc- α-O-Ser/Thr). The natural Amino acid sequence has been modified to make more stable and soluble protein. Modified sequence has been cloned and express in E.coli. The protein was purified through different column chromatography and was characterized as a single protein. The present study evaluated the anticancer activity of Recombinant protein ULLB-0005 by determining in vitro cytotoxicity fingerprint, efficacy, mechanism and safety in human cell lines. Promising cytotoxicity was observed in 9 different cancer cell line, with a good safety profile in human PBMCs. The efficacy of the Molecule as antitumor agent was assessed in respective xenograft immuno-compromised mice models in vivo. As expected the molecule showed strong anticancer activity in immune-compromised mice model in various cancers which was observed in the reduction of tumor volume.


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