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Phytotherapy for Diabetes Mellitus: a case report


Sam Redrin

This study reports a book-related review aimed to analyse different studies related to the use of Phytotherapy in Diabetes mellitus in order to provide more information for healthcare professionals. The number of times something happens of disease where Diabetes Mellitus is rising and many of the people with blood sugar diseases often use herbal treatments along with modern medical treatment and improve their well-being. Many studies-mostly animal trials- have been done in this field. Among the herbs most commonly used along with modern medical therapies and also in traditional medicine, we searched for mostly medicinal plants. Studies done in this field have produced disagreeing results and, the need to manage and do randomized, where everyone thinks they got real medicine, but some of the people were secretly given water, sugar, etc., instead of medicine-based human studies to develop new drugs from herbs, as in the case of metformin, still remains important. More importantly, healthcare professionals caring for diabetes patients need to be aware of Phytotherapy to include Phytomedicine into their practices and should try more responsibility in relation to these therapies that are mostly used throughout the world.


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