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Nutritional Benefit & Antioxidant Activity of Wild Edible Fruit Plants in Odisha


Manmath Rout

Nowadays a proper diet is very much required for everybody. Due to lack of nutrition, many people suffer from malnutrition and severe diseases. In Odisha, there are varieties of wild edible fruits species are found in many of the forests. These fruits can serve as functional foods due to presence of essential vitamins, minerals, and fibres which can provide necessary dietary supplements and therapeutic usage in the modern era. Mostly tribal’s, forest dwellers, and rural people of Odisha have a treasure of information’s based on the natural bio-resources as a nutritional source for its population and depends on forest for their annual food requirements. Wild edible fruits contain a wide range of secondary metabolites & free radical scavenging molecules, the harmful action of the free radicals can be blocked by antioxidants which scavenge the free radicals and detoxify the organism. The present review highlights the nutritional benefits & antioxidant activity of wild edible fruit plants in Odisha.


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