Journal of Pediatric Neurology and Medicine

ISSN: 2472-100X

Open Access

Notch signaling promotes differentiation to the absorptive cell lineage after massive small bowel resection in a rat model


Igor Sukhotnik

In recent years a substantial body of evidence has accumulated to support the notion that signaling pathways known to be important during embryonic development play important roles in regulating self???renewing tissues. Moreover, the same pathways are often deregulated during tumorigenesis due to mutations of key elements of these pathways. The Notch signaling cascade meets all of the above???mentioned criteria. We discuss here the pleiotropic roles of the Notch signaling pathway in three different self???renewing organs (intestine, hematopoietic system and skin) and how its deregulation is involved in tumorigenesis. The epithelium of the small intestine comprises post mitotic differentiated cells arrayed on villi and maintained by proliferative stem cells in the crypts


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