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Nigerian Traditional Herbal remedies used in the management of Diabetes


Zainab Ujudud Shariff

This study critically assessed the Nigerian traditional remedies used in the management of diabetes scientifically formulated by Pharm. Zainab U. Shariff based on the constituents, actions and activities of the long used traditional remedies in Nigeria. The objectives of the study is to expose further research into these remedies for the possible discovery of a new drug in the management and treatment of diabetes while utilizing its benefits with the basic science as herbal and phyto-medicines for the benefit of diabetic patients. Another objective is to facilitate the use of traditional medicine in the official health care system by stating the potential and economic benefits of traditional medicine practice to future, utilize the knowledge passed down to generations by the traditional medicine practitioners into modern science thereby bringing the old knowledge into modern science and also to promote the protection of the intellectual property of traditional herbal medicine formulas. The findings of the study revealed that the expensive cost of diabetic orthodox drugs and long term side effects has led to the increase need for more affordable, accessible and safer treatment method, which led to the in-depth study of traditional remedies. The study of the traditional remedies captures the more in-depth benefits to diabetic patients such as insulin, anti-oxidants properties and tonicity of the body organs unlike the scientific method of only insulin effects. At the end of the presentation, it will be recommended various traditional herbal formulations for the prevention, management and treatment of diabetes and other chronic diseases.


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