Journal of Spine

ISSN: 2165-7939

Open Access

New-Onset Radiculopathy on Unaffected Side Post Spine Surgery-S1 Screw Irritating L5 Nerve Root: A Case Report


Manoj D. Singrakhia and Ibad Sha

Acute onset of neuropathic pain after lumbosacral fusion spine surgery can be due to multiple causes including a laterally directed bicortical S1 pedicle screw. We here are reporting a case where a laterally directed S1 pedicle screw irritating the L5 nerve root and producing a postoperative acute onset radicular pain on an unaffected side. After the failure of 1-month conservative treatment, the patient was operated and S1 screw was revised. While placing bicortical sacral screw, surgeons should stick to safe window described on cadaveric studies and MRI is a non-invasive and reliable method to identify anay nerve root irritation by bicortical sacral screws. 


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