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Natural Anamorphosis Process


Alexandros Senarelis-Sinaris

With the deepest respect to the human imperfect, Natural Anamorphosis Process operates non-aggressively towards the cryptoalgorithm of any form of problem and the noisy, foggy, obfuscating dynamics of its potential complications. With the physio-logical tactic of its centrifugal approach, moves peripherally and in between (neutral behavior) the event horizons of the healthy bio-available and any pathology, disease, illness, syndrome, injury etc, which is basically the "abstract" area of the emerging stress before the true values-1 (biophotons-light-energy-electricity-3D holographic & elctromagnetic fields) inevitably become false values-0 (nihilism). With the introduction and the usage of valuable and complex information (informational medicine) of undoubtedly rigorous sciences such as mathematics, physics, biology and philosophy, NAP as a regulator/buffer aims for the least action path (Hamilltonian physics) and with the controlled repetition (enrgams) of its intentional systems & agents, intends to maintain and enhance the physio-logical mechanisms of homeostasis and, by extension, through the parasympathetic system (vagus nerve-interoception) the stored energy levels of healthy bioavailability, since they form the absolute natural intrinsic self repair mechanism of smoothness and existence (Navier-Stokes). NAP is an innocuous Salutogenic (health-stress-coping) neuro-based independent Naturopathic system with neutral behavior. Neuronal stimulation (e.g transdermal, transensory) is an emerging field in modern medicine. As neuronal networks were evolutionarily selected to achieve physiological homeostasis, it is not surprising that neuromodulation emerged as one of the first strategies used in medicine to reestablish homeostasis during illness. Scientific studies indicate that the design of novel non-invasive techniques for nerve stimulation can help control immune and organ functions. NAP is based purely on the logic behind the mathematical symmetric property of equality, by creating simple models of complex bio-logical neuro-behavioral organic algorithms (simplexity). So when therapy by definition aims to normalize a distorted biological condition, actually what it does is to try to bring biochemical regularity (normal functioning). Now if we see it from another perspective (Anamorphosis), by intensifying or enduring the normal bio-available functioning (eurythmia), essentially we are in a therapeutic sphere of influence via a simple reverse process thinking mechanism (logic).


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