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Multi-Organ Teratogenesis Sequels of Bigger Size Particles Colloidal Silver in Primate Vertebrates


Pani Jyoti Prakash, Singh Royana and Pani Sankarsan

Back ground: In this most recent, update global arena for consumers products most of the daily applications of bigger silver nano particles (20 to 100 nano meter range) are effected as anti-viral and anti-parasitic agents in clinical medicine and diagnosis which is a positive feedback. However, the major negative feedback of bigger size silver nano particles on human, animal and primate vertebrate body is multisystem teratogenicity focuses.
Material and methods: This study was designed to investigate teratogenic effects of bigger size nano silver which is poly vinyl pyrollidone coated and sodium borohydride stabilized. For this we injected its colloidal solution form in to pregnant female Swiss albino mice of different breeding colonies (10 from each group) in repeated oral gavages manner with nanosilver-71-1900.8 nano meter range at a dose of 14, 19 mg/kg/b.w./day with sham control treated by anionic double distilled water for 7-18 gestational days (12 days). Then dead animals are then anaesthetized and operated by ventral laparotomy on day 19. Fetuses were collected for open eye and hand lens morphological verification to locate various teratogenic anomalies.
Result: We found multi system teratogenicity in treated group fetuses like Syndactyly, Oligodactyly, Polydactyl, meningo myelocele, closed type neural tube deformity, skeletal deformity like flat ribs, absence of bony segments or cleft, vertebral deformity like scoliosis, absence of long bones or its parts or mal developments or even mal fusion. We also found Central nervous system teratogenic effects like malformation of cerebrum, hippocampus and cerebellum. Histological teratogenic effects are observed in form of honey comb deformity and cell vacuolization in Central nervous system were significantly correlated with oxidative stress.
Conclusion: Our findings suggest that bigger size silver nano particles induce an impairment of multi system and Central nervous system functions and teratogenic sequels by increasing oxidative stress and hampering nutrition in those body parts. The use of bigger silver nano particles for medical and diagnostic purposes henceforth requires careful consideration, particularly if it involves exposure of the human multi system and Central nervous system as it may evokes multi system teratogenicity in offspring’s where dose directly proportional to intensity.


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