Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

ISSN: 1736-4337

Open Access

Modules Over Color Hom-Poisson Algebras


Ibrahima Bakayoko

In this paper we introduce color Hom-Poisson algebras and show that every color Hom-associative algebra has a non-commutative Hom-Poisson algebra structure in which the Hom-Poisson bracket is the commutator bracket. Then we show that color Poisson algebras (respectively morphism of color Poisson algebras) turn to color Hom-Poisson algebras (respectively morphism of Color Hom-Poisson algebras) by twisting the color Poisson structure. Next we prove that modules over color Hom–associative algebras A extend to modules over the color Hom-Lie algebras L(A), where L(A) is the color Hom-Lie algebra associated to the color Hom-associative algebra A. Moreover, by twisting a color Hom-Poisson module structure map by a color Hom-Poisson algebra endomorphism, we get another one.


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