Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ISSN: 2165-784X

Open Access

Micro Plastics In Wastewater Treatment Processes


Sushma Pullela

Based on the water content of the influent and the effluent discharge level, wastewater treatment plants are built to provide different water treatment method configurations of different water treatment facilities. Pre-treatment, primary care, and secondary treatment are all part of traditional wastewater treatment. Bar screening, degreasing, air flotation, primary sedimentation, biofilm process/activated sludge process, and secondary sedimentation are among the treatment methods used. Tertiary treatment with (sand) filtration, advanced oxidation, and membrane filtration are used to further increase effluent efficiency. So far, no treatment procedure has been formulated explicitly for the removal of MPs, and only a few studies have looked at the thorough removal efficiencies of MPs at various levels of WWTPs.


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