Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

ISSN: 1736-4337

Open Access

Meander Graphs and Frobenius Seaweed Lie Algebras III


Vincent Coll, Dougherty A, Hyatt M and Mayers N

We investigate properties of a Type-A meander, here considered to be a certain planar graph associated to seaweed subalgebra of the special linear Lie algebra. Meanders are designed in such a way that the index of the seaweed may be computed by counting the number and type of connected components of the meander. Specifically, the simplicial homotopy types of Type-A meanders are determined in the cases where there exist linear greatest common divisor index formulas for the associate seaweed. For Type-A seaweeds, the homotopy type of the algebra, defined as the homotopy type of its associated meander, is recognized as a conjugation invariant which is more granular than the Lie algebra's index.


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