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Management of recurrent urethral stricture by Uttar Basti: A case study


Alok Kumar

Urethral stricture is the very common problem occurred in the patients after prolonged urinary tract infection, urethral injury or post-surgical intervention performed through per urethral. In Ayurvedic literature urethral stricture may be correlated as mutrotsanga mentioned in Sushruta Samhita. One of the prime literature in Ayurvedic surgery. Now day as the science advances with technology various surgeries like urethrolithotomy, Trans urethral removal of prostate (TURP), cystoscopy are performed with telescopic instruments like cystoscope. During these procedure the urethral lining of mucosa get injured and later on develop the scary fibrosis that lead the urethral stricture in the urethra. The most common way to overcome this problem is surgery i.e. urethroplasty. But the recurrence rate is good enough to think the alternative. In Ayurvedic literature uttarbasti is the procedure in which some medicinal preparation are introduced per urethral. In this particular case study we use the apamarga kshara tail oil for the uttarbasti procedure in the patient having history of recurrent urethral stricture. Patient also underwent urethroplasty twice. The results found in the case are encouraging enough. The study was completed in North eastern Institute of Ayurveda And Homoeopathy, Ayurveda hospital Shillong.


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