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Major Challenges the Physiotherapy Profession Faces in Expanding its Role in Health, Prevention, and Wellness Services


Afzal F

Every profession has to face a lot of challenges to flourish and maintain its dignity. Physiotherapy is one of them that have got strong roots throughout the world but still facing some challenges. Physiotherapy was recognized as a profession first time in a documented form in 1884 when four nurses established the society of trained masseuses in England which recognized later as a charted society of physiotherapy. In USA 30 states have direct access of patients to therapist and 48 still required referral by other health professionals. In Pakistan most of the patients are referred by other medical health professionals. Many doctors, physicians, and surgeons do not make referral at time and many patients that can be best managed by a physiotherapist are managed by doctors, physicians, and surgeons themselves. Autonomy in physical therapy will not reduce the medical dominance, but will benefit to patients and maintain professional dignity.


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